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Advanced Course in Medical Education (Fellowship in Medical Education) .
FIME : A fellowship programme of 1 year conducted by Medical Council of India under the nodal centre of St John’s Medical College . It constitutes of 2 contact sessions and on line course along with observer ship.

Dr Madhusmita Jena .              Professor of Pathology

Dr  Suwarna  Madhu kumar.     Professor of Community  Medicine

Dr Padmavathi .                       Professor of Anatomy

• Publications

Authors : Dr Afzal Khan, Dr Harish G

Medical Students Task Based Learning of P- Drug Concept- A study to know its effective ness and participants feed back.

International Journal of Pharmacological Research. Vol5. 2015

Authors : Dr Madhusmita Jena, Dr Vidya Bhat, Dr Indrani K

Relevance of OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examination ) reinforced with MCQs ( Multiple Choice Questions) as a tool of Learning among undergraduates in Pathology

Journal of Medical Sciences and Health/May-Aug 2015/Volume 1/Issue 2



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